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Camden & Becky (Dec. 2012)

On July 16th, 2005 I flew direct nonstop from Orlando, FL to Seattle WA (7 hour flight) and then got onto a connecting flight (another 50 minute flight) from Seattle over the water onto Vancouver Island, B.C. and into the city of Victoria to pick out and meet the newest Nicholas boy.

" Camden" as he was to be called was born from a frozen A.I. breeding.   His mother (Kiri) lived in Victoria, B.C. and his father (Gunner) had passed away in 2004 at the age of 14.5 yrs old and he had lived in Ohio, US.

There were 7 puppies born via C-Section as Kiri never went into active labor.  One girl puppy had detached herself and was caught inside the horn and eventually passed away 2 days later after much tube feeding and hands on helping. :(

So after all that there were 4 girls and 2 boys healthy and actively growing!

After spending two days there playing with all the puppies and making decisions between the two boys - "blue boy" was coming 2,500 miles south back to FL with me.    It was an awesome trip, especially since I've not ever been more "west" than say Texas or "north west" than Illinois!

Having only "talked" to Maralyn Redford (of Myriosa Goldens) the breeder via e-mail it was so great to meet her in person and spend those days discussing not only the puppies but goldens in general, dog training and so on!  A truly special, wonderful friendship has developed from that first e-mail!

Also meeting Suzi and Tommy was icing on an already great trip. They opened up their home, their lives and their hearts to me!

Camden was a true PERFECT GENTLEMAN on the flight home -- it was a VERY, VERY long day for him in his little 'sherpa' bag, but he never made a peep the whole 8.5 hours!!!

He has truly just fit into the household like a fine leather glove!  

He and Flame have been connected at the hip (so ok Camden now has a "down" as a default behavior...a little border collie behavior in a golden isn't REALLY all that bad <G>).  

He has tried to make up to Dreamer - who has gotten a tad stubborn, shall we say, in his "golden years" and not too thrilled that a young whipper snapper has arrived to share in his lime light.   But he's getting much, much better!!

He has a smile and a whole "bum wag" for all that he meets.   His dark, dark eyes and dark nose on his VERY blonde face just light up and make all who see him laugh!

I'm sure this little "Canadian" boy will truly be a shining example for his breed, breeding AND heritage!!!

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