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DOB: December 6, 2009 - McKinny, TX

Torch (Dec. 1012)


I firmly believe in the old cliche' of things happening in their own time and for a reason, if we just learn to be still and watch and listen to your heart.

God has "winked" more times than I can count in my life and this is one of them.

I don't go "searching" for my next dog when one of mine has passed on. I've found every now and then something or somebody speaks to us and in doing so, quite possibly takes us off the "regular" path we usually follow and down another path.

This happened to me recently. A special boy has joined my household! He is a 1.5-year-old Border Collie - whose new name is "Torch".

Torch was born under horrific conditions living in a hoarders situation of 40+ purebred Border Collies in Texas.

The BCRT group was able to persuade the man to voluntarily turn over 35 of them. After being examined, medically treated, vaccinated, and altered, these dogs were dispersed to their new foster homes.

Some have remained unadoptable, some have been adopted by their foster homes, and some have gone on to their new forever homes.

Torch went to a wonderful foster home with kids, other dogs, and cats. They have done a great job showing him that playing with other dogs is good (he had stayed out on the fringes and never moved into the pack of dogs), that kids are great (toddlers like to use you as a pillow!), it is good to ignore cats, swimming (and diving for clams) is a LOT of fun, and toys are great !!!

Their hardest task was working on his acceptance of people. While he still will throw a wall up and shut down if stressed in people situations (hovering, over petting, too many in one place etc.) he is learning that at least those few he's been in contact with are GOOD!!

So our task here in the Nicholas household is to continue to show and teach him that people are GOOD, even GREAT to be around and life can be wonderful and full of adventure.

This will be our ONLY task - hopefully to get this young boy who was brought into this world in horrible circumstances to learn that he deserved better and it will get better from here on out! He has no other jobs to accomplish here but that.

The Golden boys excel at being extroverts and I'm sure will not only be living examples but share all their secrets on loving life!

Hopefully, Flame will have a few words with him also and tell him his beginning wasn't good either, but if he (Torch) will allow himself - the rest of his life can be GREAT!

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Jumpin' Jacks My Dream Shines On