My heart was broken on Feb. 17th, 2015. 

 Camden passed away just 6 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.

He was gone too early (only 9.5 yrs old) and we had so many more things to do yet.

The house is very quiet and calm without my silly, active, clown!!

I will always cherish the 9.5 yrs we had and will be eternally grateful that, until the last 2 days, we spent all of our time creating more memories (taking photos), and he was doing well.

Rest well my dear, sweet boy!

You are greatly missed!!

NATCH3/Vers. NATCH3 SHR Myriosa's Journey To My Dreams JH RE WC CCA HP-E VerE
(5/22/2005 - 2/17/15)

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