Dec. 17th, 2016

Graysun and I attended the NADD (North American Diving Dogs) Championship included with the Eukanuba/AKC National Dog Show in Orlando, FL.

He did great I was so proud of this 14 mth old "baby' dog!  He took the crowds, chaos of lots of dogs barking, INSIDE dock diving pools (x2 running at the same time) all in stride!!

While his jumps put us in the middle of the Master Division (#37 out of 78 Master dogs competing) he gave 110% and recorded 2 jumps at 21.3 feet in practice and then 20.6 feet during the Champs.

We're both looking forward to next year!!


NADD Championship 12-17-16, Orlando, FL

October 22nd/23rd, 2016

Whoo Hooo!!

Graysun was entered in a Dock Diving competition in Lutz, FL (Tampa)

He was amazing!!  He had 7 "Splashes" over the two days and 5 of them were over 20 feet jumps (the other two were both 19.6 feet) with his longest being 22.3 feet! Wow

He earned his "Dock Master" title AND earned an Invitation to the Eukanuba/AKC Dock Diving Championship in Orlando (Dec. 2016)

What a great boy and all at the age of 12 months!

Sept. 23rd-25th, 2016

The boys and I entered our first (NADD) Dock Diving Competition in Deland!

They had only seen a dock diving pool 3 times before this weekend Wow

Declan earned his "Dock Junior" Title and

Graysun earned his "Dock Senior" Title

(with a personal best jump of 19' 3")

They both did GREAT!

Jan. 3rd/4th, 2014

The boys and I headed over to Cool Critters NADAC Games trial on Jan. 3rd/4th, 2014.

We had a great time running Tunnelers, TnG, Weavers and Hoopers, both days, under judge Sarah Fix.

Camden & Declan each came home with 6 Q's out of 8 runs!

The boys and I had a great time at the 3 day OK Agility NADAC trial.
(Dec. 26th-28th, 2014)

It was Declan's special weekend as he earned his very first agility Champion title!!
He went into this weekend needing 3 Elite Regular Q's and 1 Elite Jumpers Q to complete his "NATCH"
(NADAC Agility Champion title).

On Friday he earned 1 Elite Regular Q and 1 Elite Jumpers Q, then on Sat. he Q'd in both Elite Regular runs for his "NATCH"!!

What a good boy!!!!

Overall Declan went 7 Q's out of 11 runs and Camden went 8 Q's out of 10 runs!

Declan earns his NATCH at the OK Agility NADAC trial under judge Mark Gwillim 12-27-14

The boys and I went to our first agility trial since last April, it was great to play with the boys and see friends again!!
(OK Agility NADAC trial Nov. 1st/2nd, 2014)

We didn't do too badly at all Wow  

Camden Q'd 5 of his 6 runs!
(and the 1 NQ was just a bonus line attempt we didn't succeed at <G>)

Declan did very well Q'ing in 8 of his 10 runs - good boy!!!

Declan (Rose photos)

I've been doing hunt tests since 1994, but have never trained a dog to go beyond the JH/WC/SHR level (got those titles when they were young and then we started their agility careers)

On 9-28-14, Declan and I both earned our FIRST "WCX" (GRCA- Working Certificate Excellent) field title together at the Florida Gulf Coast GRC WC/WCX test.

He was a very good boy and I'm very proud of him!
It is always bittersweet to have our last NADAC trial of the season (April 5th/6th, 2014) .

The boys and I attended the OK Agility NADAC trial and had a very good weekend!!

Camden Q'd in 6 of his 7 runs!

We did attempt a bonus line in Elite Weavers and while we had 2 "redirects", I was so proud of him and how he did!!

You can watch it here Big Grin
Camden weavers

Declan Q'd in 6 of his 8 runs! 

No more NADAC trials for us until next October! Sad

So there likely won't be much on this page until then!

We will spend the summer training (field and agility) while also putting in some beach time and photography!!
The boys and I had a great second agility trial this month
(March 22nd/23rd, 2014)
it was at the Cool Critters NADAC trial.

Camden Q'd in 5 of his 6 runs
(the one NQ was a jumpers bonus line that didn't go as expected - LOL!)

Declan Q'd in 7 of his 9 runs!!

It was a great weekend spent with my boys and good friends!


It was Camden's weekend for sure!!
At the OK Agility NADAC trial on Saturday
(March 1st/2nd, 2014)
he Q'd in his final Touch n Go run needed to earn his Versatility NATCH3!!

To top that off we attempted our 2nd bonus line in Elite Jumpers and we were successful!!
Click here to watch it Smile

Camden also Q'd in 4 of his 7 runs!

What a guy!!!

Declan also had a good weekend and Q'd in 6 of his 8 runs!!

Good boys!!!

We had a great time at the Cool Critters NADAC games trial!
(January 4th/5th, 2014)

Camden had an AWESOME weekend not only did he have a perfect weekend (Q'ing 11 of his 11 runs) but we made our first attempt at a 15 pt bonus line run and we succeeded!!
(click link below to watch)

Bonus Run Video

Declan also did well Q'ing in 4 of his 7 runs!

Camden (photo by Andrea Dentin)

The boys and I had a good New Years trial at OK Agility in Zephyrhills!
(Dec. 28th/29th/30th, 2013)

We had a fun New Years party Sunday night where the End of Year Awards were announced.

CAMDEN won 1st for the most Qualifying runs in all of 2013!

What a GREAT boy!  He got a very nice trophy and a beautiful purple chair embroidered with him on it!

And then he completed the weekend Q'ing in 7 of his 7 runs! <G>

Camden - back in the hotel with his "winnings". 12-29-13

Camden - back at the hotel with his "winnings" 12-29-13

The boys and I had a very fun time at the Cool Critters NADAC trial in Valrico!
(Nov 30th/Dec 1st, 2013)

Camden was a little "higher" than his regular self and was having a GRAND time, but we did still pull off 3 Q's out of his 5 runs!! Wow

Declan had a great weekend and we came so close to his first perfect weekend. 
He Q'd 6 of this 7 runs!!

(Photo by Andrea Dentin)

While our weather on Saturday left A LOT to be desired (downpouring all day), the boys and I had a good weekend trialing at the OK Agility NADAC trial (Nov. 2nd/3rd).

Camden walked away with a perfect weekend Q'ing in 5 of 5 runs!!

Declan, while still quite green, did well and Q'd in 6 of his 10 runs!

(Photo by Andrea Dentin)

After taking the whole summer off from training, the boys and I had our first Agility trial at OK Agility (Zephyrhills)
October 5th/6th, 2013

We didn't do too badly Cool

Camden Q'd in 5 of his 6 runs
(2-Chances, 1-TnG, 1-Tunnelers, 1-Weavers)

Declan Q'd in 5 of his 7 runs
(2-Regular, 1-Jumpers, 1-Chances, 1-Tunnelers)

And he earned his Elite jumpers title! Wow
Declan got to play with his birds again this weekend!   We attended the HRC (UKC) NEFHRC Spring Hunt in St. Augustine .
(April 13th/14th, 2013)

He did a great job - passed both days
in "Started" for his 3rd field title Cool

"SHR" - Started Hunting Retriever

Well done Declan!!

The boys and I attended our last NADAC agility trial for the season.(April 5th/6th, 2013)

The weekend was Camden's!! Big Grin

We started the weekend needing 3 regular Q's for his NATCH3, on Saturday we messed up one and Q'd in one -- I guess I truly do like to add pressure to my life!

Regular was run last on Sunday, so the wait was going to be long! But though I did some micromanaging on the Regular runs today (sorry Camden) we pulled them off!

Camden is now a NATCH3 under judge Janine McGee, who he earned his first NATCH under!

Camden Q'd in 8 of his 9 runs and also went High in Trial!

What a good boy!!


Declan also had a good weekend Q'ing in
4 of his 8 runs!
lame taught me coming home with 50% or more is a GOOD thing!  LOL)
Declan earned 2 Elite Chances
, 1 Elite Jumpers and 1 Elite TnG!

Camden 4-6-13

Our wonderful FL spring brought interesting weather for our  Cool Critters NADAC trial(3-16th/17th, 2013)

We had 34 degrees in the a.m. and by afternoon 79-80 degrees and sun!

Camden had a great weekend earning
6 Q's in 7 runs!

Declan became a big boy by earning TWO "Elite" titles.  His Elite Chances (Q'd in both this weekend) and Elite Regular!

Declan running in his final Elite Chances Q for his title 3-16-13

The boys and I spent a VERY cold  weekend in Zephyrhills at the OK Agility NADAC trial (3-2nd/3rd,2013).

Camden had a good weekend qualifying
in 8 of his 11 runs!!  Wow

Declan and I are in a growing/learning
phase Wink. While his Q rate wasn't
very high - he had some great moments and did finish his Elite Tunnelers title!
 (running it at 6.11 yps!! <G>)

The boys and I spent time this weekend (2-16th/17th, 2013) at the Jax HRC
Hunt test in Williston.

It was a VERY cold weekend
(33 on Sunday a.m.) so while that
"could" have been better, I couldn't have been prouder of Declan who earned his
5th and 6th "JH" (Junior Hunter) legs!

Now we may see about training for Senior or see if agility takes up all our future time! LOL

Declan "JH" passes #5 & #6 Feb. 2013

YAHOOO the "baby dog" Declan earned his AKC Junior Hunter title this past
weekend at the MFGRC Hunt test.
(Feb. 9th-10th, 2013)

He passed 4 straight tests to earn the title.  This boy does love his birds!!

Declan 3 yrs old (2-11-13)

The boys and I attended a NADAC trial at
OK Agility in Zephyrhills on Jan. 19th/20th.

We had a great time with friends,
good runs and great weather!

Camden had a PERFECT weekend going 8 Q' s for 8 runs! Cool

Declan had a few tiny mishaps here and there so while the Q rate wasn't that great he tried and did well earning 2 Q's for 6 runs.

photo by fur flying photos

The boys and I attended a NADAC games trial at Cool Critters
(Jan. 5th-6th, 2013)

Camden had an awesome weekend Q'ing in 7 of his 8 runs (and the 1 NQ was me sending him off course -bad handler! Whistle)

Declan did well also and Q'd in 5 of his 9 runs and he earned his "Elite Touch N Go" title!!

photo by fur flying photos

What a great weekend out in the field
Declan and I had!!
(Dec. 1-2, 2012)

We attended a "combo" AKC/UKC hunt test.
Declan was running "Started" (UKC) and "Junior" (AKC).

He passed all 4 attempts earning his first 2 "Started" and first 2 "Junior" legs!

What a VERY good boy!!

December 2, 2012

Camden earns his Versatility

The boys and I attended the Cool Critters NADAC trial Nov. 24/25, 2012

We had a great weekend!!

Camden went 5 for 5 Q's

Declan went 4 for 8 Q's

Declan earned his "OAC" title
(Open Regular)
and also earned his first Elite Jumpers and Elite Chances Q's!! Wow

Camden - Versatility NATCH2 with judge Jackie Loser 11-24-12

(10-24,25,27 & 28, 2012)

It started out at the Eastern Regional "WC" test in Montverde (field).

Declan was entered and earned his first field title!! 
Camden got to be test dog and had a wonderful time!!

Then on Thurs. Declan was in the "CCA" (Conformation Certificate of Assessment) where he was judged by 3 different judges on all the aspects of the Golden Retriever Breed Standard. He did very well and earned that GRCA title!!

Then we headed out of town to a NADAC Agility trial on Sat and Sun.

Both boys had a great weekend!!

Camden Q'd in 5 of his 6 runs and completed his 2,500 lifetime points award!!

Declan's roll continued and he Q'd in 6 of his 7 runs and completed his Open Chances, Open Jumpers and Open Tunnelers titles!

WOW - going to be hard to top this past week!! Wow

Declan new title "WC" 10-24-12

Declan "CCA" title 10-25-12


Camden earned his NATCH2
on Sunday at the
"OK Agility" NADAC trial!!

We went into this trial needing 1 Elite Jumpers Q to finish this title.  Due to a really bad thunderstorm on Sat afternoon, Jumpers was canceled for that day. That left us with only ONE chance for a Jumpers Q on Sunday.

I'm blessed that Camden does not feed off my pressure and just handles the course.
Big Grin!

Even though I was running very cautiously,
(didn't want slipping on the soaked ground, nor to chance a bar down) it went quite smoothly!

Both Camden and Declan Q'd in 6 of their 7 runs this weekend!!!

Camden earns his NATCH2 on 4-1-12 under judge Sunny Williams.

CAMDEN EARNS HIS "NATCH" (NADAC Agility Trial Champion) title!!!!

Camden needed 3 Regular Q's and 1 Chances Q this weekend to earn it.  
He did that and MORE!!

He went 10 Q's for 11 runs earning 5 Regular Q's, 2 Chances, 2 Tunnelers and 1 Touch n Go Q!!!

Along with his "NATCH" he also earned his "Outstanding Tunnelers" title!!


Camden earns his "NATCH" 12-4-10 under Canadian judge Janine McGee (only appropriate eh?!") (photo by Marty Wyatt)

All photos and writings are copyrighted and property of Becky Nicholas