(August 5th, 1995 ^^ October 31st, 2009)

SHR,UCD Rachel's Riviera Dream CDX, JH, AXP,
ADHF, (NADAC Hall of Fame)

DOB: August 5th, 1995 in Morrow, GA

Dreamer 11 yrs old (10-06)
(photo by Diane Lewis)

He was brought into my life when a friend showed me a couple of pedigrees from the breeder of her own dog (Linda Kotts-Rachel Goldens).  

It was NOT a good time for me. I was recently divorced, living on my own, and had 3 dogs already living with me....just WHAT was I thinking to even consider it??

Well....after researching the pedigrees and asking lots of people, I decided it was a litter that could not be passed up!!

I contacted Linda and we talked, she offered me 1st pick male.  And on August 5th, 1995 she called to tell me there were 4 males and 1 female...great lots to pick from. :)

I flew up to Morrow, GA and well, let's say - Dreamer picked ME out, not the other way around.

From the start he has been something "special" - always by my side, "Mr. Personality,"  with a wonderful work ethic yet he loves to snuggle!!

It was a case of "over-smothering" when it came to his upbringing...prelims on hips at 6 months and again at 12 months (not leaving anything to chance here!), eyes checked, heart checked.

At 2 years he had his OFA films done, PennHip done, elbows done.  We also did feet and wrists knowing he'd be doing A LOT of jumping in agility (this was on the advice of the surgeons!) and eyes rechecked. EVERYTHING cleared wonderfully!! (End result:  OFA "Good", Top 10% in PennHip, elbows cleared, eyes cleared, heart cleared) 


NOW he could begin showing!!!

Dreamer began his agility career (first show at 2 yrs, 3 months) and was off like a shot. He showed 6 times in the AKC ring then he was in Exc. and after 4 weekends in USDAA he was in Masters (you cannot move up on Sunday when you title on Saturday in USDAA)!!! 

Then our world was shattered...losing "JJ."   I mourned my greatest loss - but also Dreamer mourned.  You could see it in him...his big brother and constant companion was gone!!! It took him 6 month to run around a particular tree that they both used to race around in the backyard.

Boy, did he have BIG, BIG shoes to fill...all my goals, time, and efforts were now on him!  I wasn't sure this "baby" dog would be able to hold up to it!

I have to say....he has done that and MORE!!!



Dreamer has had quite the career with many FIRSTS to his name!

**He has appeared on Animal Planet on 4 different shows doing agility.

**He was invited to participate in the "ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid, NY" agility competition (July, 2002).

**He has appeared on the cover of "Pet Professional," a supply magazine for pets.

**He has appeared on the cover of "Front N Finish" Dog trainers magazine.

**Earned his AKC "MACH" title finishing his 750 points needed on his 10th Double Q (QQ).  He was the 9th  Golden Retriever  in the USA to earn this title.

**Dual Placed on ALL 20 of his QQ in AKC towards his MACH1.

**Earned his USDAA "ADCH" title after 18 weekends trialing.

**The FIRST Golden in Florida to earn the USDAA "ADCH" title.

**The FIRST Golden in Florida to have both a MACH and ADCH.

**The FIRST Golden in Florida to have a MACH3  title.

**The FIRST and ONLY Golden in Florida to earn the NADAC "NATCH" title (in only 9 weekends of showing) at 8 yrs old.

**The FIRST and ONLY Golden to earn the NADAC "NATCH6".

**Third dog to hold a NATCH in the state of Florida (First was Mindy Lytle and Zoe - JRT, Second was Shari Silvey and Peaches - Aussie).

**The FIRST Golden to have earned an "ATCH" title through ASCA and then the "ATCH-OP" (Outstanding) and then the "ATCH-SP" (Superior).

**The FIRST GOLDEN to hold "4" AGILITY CHAMPION TITLES from "4" different organizations in the entire USA!! (then went on to earn numerous MACH's and NATCH's and ATCH's)

**Qualified for the USDAA Grand Prix National 3 years in a row, while actively showing in USDAA.

**Qualified for the AKC National for 5 years in a row, while actively showing in AKC.

**Qualified for the GRCA's (Golden Retriever Club of America) "ADHF" (Agility Hall of Fame) as soon as it was 
created by the GRCA.

**Was ranked in the GRCA Top Twenty Agility rankings for 3 years in a row.

**Ranked in the Lifetime Ranking for Goldens in 2004 being #10 and #8 in MACH points and MACH Double Q's.

**Dreamer was awarded the Mid-Fla. Golden Retriever Clubs "Agility Dog of the Year" - for years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004!

**After only 4 trials he earned enough Elite points to qualify for the NADAC Championship in Calgary, Canada in 2003!

**Came home the Double Digit 20+ Veteran Champion at the St. Louis NADAC Championships in 2005!

**Entered the NADAC Hall of Fame (upon earning his NATCH5) - and is I believe the FIRST (currently only) Golden to do so!

**Earned his AKC CD in 4 tries with 2 placements.

**Earned his UKC CD in 3 tries with 2 placements and a HIGH IN TRIAL

**Earned his AKC CDX in 5 tries with 2 placements

**Earned his AKC JH (junior Hunter) title with his 4th leg being given scores of  ALL 10's by BOTH judges!

**Earned his GRCA WC (working certificate) title twice

**Earned his UKC SHR (started hunting retriever) title 3 passes in a row

**Earned his "RN-RA-RE" (AKC Rally titles) in 3 tries each at 12.5 yrs old (all w/placements except one)

Dreamer's in PRINT!


Pet Professional Direct - 2000 (Pet Supply company)


Front n Finish - August 2005

Ad in the Golden Retriever News - May/June 2004
(created by Coralee Leon)

Ad in Golden Retriever News - May/June 2006 Performance Dog Issue
(created by Diane Lewis)

Mid-Fla Golden Retriever Clubs "salute to seniors" - ad, September 2007

Dreamers photo is used for an article in DogSport Magazine

DogSport Magazine March/April, 2007
Picture by Diane Lewis. Article written by Claire Dudar, DVM in response to a question "I see some dogs competing at 12 and 13 yrs old and while others retire at 9 yrs old. What factors should I consider when deciding to retire my older dogs from competition?"

(note: Dreamer was 11 yrs old in this picture, when Diane took the picture and I didn't know it, he was waiting on HIS chair while I walked a course and she handed him a ribbon <G> he was competing in this NADAC agility trial)

Dreamer's photo in the Sept, 2008 AKC Gazette. Quite the surprise as I don't know this Vet (he's in Canada) nor that Dreamer was going to be in there!! Photo by Diane Lewis

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