Princess Honeybear Tiara, CD, CGC

DOB: July 22, 1989 in South FL.

(10 yrs old)

Otherwise known as "Tera" - counter surfer excellent :)

I came into Becky's life as a "re-home" - by 14 months of age I had had 3 homes already that didn't work out for one reason or another. I was the start of  Becky's obsession with the Golden Retriever Breed!!!

I started out with bad habits that actually lived with me throughout my life regardless of what my mom did to me to get me to quit !!! Stealing off of counters, chewing up items that were not mine and the list goes on!!!

I did earn my first obedience title "CD" - with all placements and also my CGC, but then really decided that all that training and showing is just WAY TOO MUCH WORK!!!!!

It wasn't for me at all......instead I decided that my job would be to hold down the "fort" so to speak, so that when mom would get home from showing and training the others, I would be there to "take her back to the real world" and remind her she's not so special.....just my MOM!!!

I also aided Ashley (Queen bee to us) in raising the next youngster to come along.

I also LOVED to visit my "Grandparents" house and play with my cousin NIKKI when mom would be away showing...that was ALOT of fun, because you see NIKKI never got into any they wouldn't remember to keep things HIGH and out of reach...OH, the lovely extra food I got when over there for weekends! !

Tera - July 1991 - 2 yrs old

Rainbow Bridge....7-22-89 to 4-16-02

My Motto in life:

Don't take things too seriously, don't work to hard (which my Mom does NOT abide by) and dont try to get people to think that you are something that you are not!

Sadly I am no longer sharing my house with Mom and the other "kids"....I was diagnosed with a brain tumor last Nov. when I started having seizures right out of the blue at age 12.5 years old.

My mom works in a Veterinary Speciality Clinic so she has access to wonderful board certified specialists and equipment.

We did a CT Scan which confirmed I did have a brain tumor. I was put on medications to hold off the seizures and they worked very well for a few months.

I was happy, playing and being more silly than I had in my entire life during those months - which I did for my mom's sake...I think it made things easier for her in the end to remember me playing and happy!!!

I did get her to take me more places and spend more time with ALL of us "kids" together..that was my game plan. I was a devious sort like that :).

Take care and know that I AM watching! <G>

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