On this golden land, they wait and they play.  Till the Rainbow Bridge they cross over one day.

Those that we've held in our arms for a little while, we will hold in our hearts forever!

UCDX UAG I Rachel's Twice In A Blue Moon CDX TD AX AXJ PD1  
(4/12/1994 - 3/29/2007 )
Missed by Kathy Flaherty

Amberwood's Bristol Cream UDX AX OAJ
(8/30/1990 - 2/20/2004)
Missed by Jodie Faist

Myriosa Water Off A Ducks Back CD WC Can/Am TDX  Therapy Dog 
 (9/16/2000 - 8/15/2005)
Missed by Kristiina Ovaska

Runnymede Down Home Country UD MX MXJ NAP NJP PD1 CGC TT
(1/4/1995 - 7/28/2005)
Missed by Coralee Leon

Karag old's Summer Sun Frolic UD RE AX AXJ
(8/24/1994 - 7/24/2006)
Missed by Jodie Faist

HR Morninglo Rainbows End CD SH MX MXJ WCX  
 (1/6/1995 - 12/20/2005)
Missed by Ellen Pavlik

Talisman's Wynds of Change CD OA AXJ CGC
(3/31/2001 - 10/7/2005)
Missed by Kim Demanche


Starlight Mango Orlando RE AX AXJ AXP OJP CD CGC

(Bulldog Club of America Hall Of Fame)
(3/26/1998 - 7/5/2007)
Missed by Tiew and Ron Honig

Quail Runs Made Ya Look MX MXJ AD RS-N 
(8/24/96 - 6/4/07)
Missed by Gay Anderson

Can. Ch Myriosa's Summer Of My Dreams TD CD WC AGX AGIJ  SMADC SJMDC CGN  
(12/27/99 - 8/19/07)
Missed by Maralyn Redford

Mischief Magik Uptown Girl NA NAJ  
Missed by Camille Doehring

(photo by Jim Garvie)

Mischief Magik Y Dont U Stay  
Missed by Camille Doehring

Jake UD
(12/4/1991 - 8/21/2000)
Missed by Laurie Dana

Sandpipers Sail on Seven Seas UDX RE NAP
(03/05/1998 - 11/15/2007)
Missed by Joyce Swegle

photo by MVP Pix

SHR Cinnameg's Shamrock My World CD JH WC MX MXJ MAD JM NAC RSN
(06/06/1998 - 02/04/2008)
Missed by Kathy Flaherty

Runnymede Gracie By Moonlight CDX RA MX MXJ AXP AJP NAC NJC PD1 CGC ThD 
Missed by Coralee Leon and Michael Philpot

UCH UCD Rachel's Park Avenue Royalty CDX RAE MX MXJ MXP  MJP3 PD1 NAC NJC RS-N JS-N  
(6/14/1996- 4/2/2008)
Missed by Kathy Flaherty

Can CH Myriosa's Legend of the Rose TD CDX WC JH DD CGN VCX Am TD
  (3/29/1998 - 5/1/2008)
Missed by Maralyn Redford

MACH Valley Hunter’s Call Me Cooper
(5/22/1998 - 7/5/2008)
Missed by Kitty and Bruce Clerico

MACH2 Anderson's Little Orphan Annie CD RE AXP OJP MAD NAC RS-N

(7/1/1994 - 10/18/2008)

Missed by Gay Anderson

Anderson's Little Ricochet PT NA NAJ NAP NJP JHD-s TN-N
(7/1/2000 - 10/31/2008)
Missed by Gay Anderson


MACH Sunkisd EZ Love CDX U-CDX
02/07/1998  -  01/02/2009)
Missed by Andi Bower

Murrayfarms Chill Factor CCA RN CGC   
Missed by Becca Orend

  Meadowpond Fix It Cricket CD TDX AX AXJ EAC EJC  OGC
(12/10/1993-  1/13/2009)  
(top left)

Meadowpond's Katie-Did-It  CDX TDX AX AXJ EAC EJC OGC
(Bottom right)
Both missed by Sarah and Tom Fix

 Myriosa Knight’n Shining Armor CDX TD 
 ( 9/1/1995 – 6/8/2009)
Missed by Maralyn Redford

Can CH Myriosa Summer Dream Come True CD CGN
(12/27/1999 - 7/1/2009)
Missed by Dawn Hall & Maralyn Redford

CH Red Oak for Your Eyes Only
Missed by Juli Thompson

A Scottish Legend, CGC, TN-O, TDI
(2/25/1995 - 8/8/2009)
Missed by Elizabeth Dott


  BBE BIS Can.CH Myriosa’s Candle On The Water WC TD CD RN CGN
  (10/16/2000 to 11/17/2009)
Missed by Maralyn Redford

Kaleef's All That Jazz HS
(06/04/2000 - 11/24/2009)
Missed by Juli Thompson

Magik Brewin Up a Storm AX AXJ CGC
1/26/97 - 2/28/10)
Missed by Marty Wyatt

Quail Runs Pop The Cork, OA, OAJ, RN, SS, SJ, TN-N
(1/1/99 - 4/16/10)
Missed by Gay Anderson

OTCH2 Magik Softwind Foreverin Fun UDX4 RE OBHF
(9/20/99 - 5/17/10)
Missed by Joyce Swegle

NATCH, Vers. NATCH Brassfire's Kelly in a Hurry O-EAC, O-ECC, S-EJC, S-TNE, OTGE, SWVE, HPO, NA
(12/08/02 - 10/26/10)
Missed by Robbins Church & Priscilla Hoobler

Bowser's Abigail Adore L'eau CGC, CD, MX, MXJ, AAD, RM,JM
( 4/5/95 - 10/29/10)
Missed by Debbi and Jim Cole

(6/28/96 -- 8/17/11)
Missed by Kris Davenport

Halltree Flag's A Flying
(6/14/2011 - 8/12/11)
Missed by Donna Rada

Ch Myriosa Watercolour In The Rain TDX OD Am TD CCA
( 9/16/2000 – 9/ 18/2011)
Missed by Maralyn Redford



SHR Mischief 's Inherit The Wind JH CD NJP NFP OFP WCX CCA VC 
(9/29/2003- 1/5/2012)
Missed by Camille Doehring

Redbrick's Budwiser Shining Star

(Bu lldog Club of America Hall Of Fame 2009)

Missed by Ron & Tiew Honig

2/27/2010 - 6/21/2012)
  Missed by April Lawless

(1/8/2000 - 8/10/2012)
Missed by Adam & Renee Toporek

ADCH MACH Terrier-ific St. Pauli Girl, ME, VDX
(1/14/98 -10/2/12)
Pauli - the best little Jack Russell ever!
Missed by Laurie Dana

  Annihaus Canine Mutiny, GCG, NJP,
NCC, O-TN-N, PJ1, PG1, PS1

(2/01/2001 - 2/13/2012)
Missed by Maise Braswell


NATCH, Ver. NATCH Shady Ridge Poetry In Motion AX AXJ AXP OJP HP-N

(3/21/1998 - 11-19-2013)

Missed by Laurie & Glenn Fisher

Jemgold's My Heart's Desire UD RAE MX AXJ TN-N WV-N  


Missed by Jodie Faist

"It came to me that every time I lose a dog they
 take a piece of my heart with them.
And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me
with a piece of their heart.
If I live long enough, all the components of my heart
will be dog, and I will
 become as generous and loving as they are."
 Author Unknown