Jumpin' Jack's It's All About Me

DOB: May 14, 2002 in Winter Park, FL

DOD: April 18, 2013

Her name says it all.   She is a Persian through and through.  Her opinion in life is "I'm only to be looked at and adored" and only to be touched when she asks for it.

She came into the house at all of 2.3#'s and stood up to all the dogs and said....... "HI!  I'm here!!"

Now full grown 8.5#'s and 7 years old - she's a wonderful companion, to myself and the dogs (whom nobody is kidding she loves the most - LOL)

Though she has no problem telling the "new kid" (Camden) off when he insists that all of her hissing and slapping is merely her wanting to play!  She generally prefers to be lying next to one of them most the time!

10 weeks old

no there was never any pizza in this box, but ANYTHING "new" lying around will have her on top of or in it in no time!

Don't let her tell you othewise - this is how rough her life is :))

Brand new sink waiting to go in, like above if it's new and sitting somewhere she'll be in it!

"QUEEN" of the hill?? Anything that CAN be laid upon will be! <G>

3-15-08 (5.5 yrs old)

"Somebody" thinks she is going on my trip with me!!!

Is this truly THE CAT IS OUT OF THE "BAG"??? :)))))