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This is me at 6.5 months.....OK yes, I was FAT <G> Or shall we say I was "large boned"?! :)) All of us kids were big babies!

Me at 18 months -- hey, I'm slimming down already!!! :))))

My mom -- she did have this thing about dressing us up and having pictures taken!! My two brothers (L to R) Mark - 7 yrs, Alan - 5 yrs and myself - 2 yrs old

L to R) Cary, Phyllis, Mark, Becky, Mom, Gavin, Alan and A.J. Thanksgiving 2007

My Grandma Peth (Lempie) and my Mom (Barb)

The middle brother Alan (he really is harmless! <G>)

"AJ" my nephew

My Grandmother Nicholas (Iris)

My Grandmother Peth (Lempie) and Aunt Faye

My mom (Barb) and Stefanie Large

The "Gang" -- Christmas 2006

Jay and Veldine Welty - Carol's parents

My father (Len) and brother (Alan) Christmas 2006

My Aunt Esther, cousin Chuck and Grandma Nicholas (Iris) April, 2007 at my Grandmothers 100th birthday party!!!

This was at my Grandma Nicholas' (Iris) 100th Birthday party, April 2007. All of her children are alive and standing behind her. My Uncles from Left to Right Tom, Jim, Bob, Ron, Len (my Dad) , Larry, Bill, AUNT Esther (<G>), & David. And we are VERY HAPPY to say she just celebrated her 101th birthday, April 2008!!!!!!!

Cary (my nephew) and my Mom (Barb) 2007

Mark and Phyllis (brother and sister-in-law) at the Atlantis hotel, Paradise Island, Bahamas, 2007

"Cary" my nephew - 14 yrs old

"Gavin" my nephew - 6 yrs old

"Phyllis" my sister-in-law on a cruise 2007

The oldest brother Mark

My Father (Len), Carol (Step-mom) and Bridgette --- 4th of July, 2007

Family and friends - 4th of July, 2007

My Grandma Peth (Lempie) who will be 95 in October

My Great Grandma and Grandpa Stenfors (on my mothers side)

My Grandparents (Thomas and Iris Nicholas) wedding picture - married February 27th, 1926

My Dad & Mom's wedding picture. June 25, 1960

Gavin (nephew) and Bridget (Dad & Carols Bichon) Thanksgiving Day, 2007

My Mom and her 4 sisters (L to R) Shirley, Faye, Donna, Barb (mom) and Linda. Nov., 2007

My nephew Gavin (age 6 yrs) school picture 2007-2008

My nephew "Cary" on a plane ride.

My brother Mark and his son Gavin (right after Gavin's 7th birthday and receiving a new helmet!)

My brother Alan and nephew AJ -- Labor Day, 2008

My Dad, Carol and Bridgette - Christmas 2008

Aunt Esther (Florida) May 2009

My Grandmother "Iris Nicholas" - on her 102nd Birthday! April 2009

Grandma Nicholas (Iris) December, 2009 (two months before she passed) age: 102 yrs old! :)

My Grandmother Nicholas

Grandpa (Thomas) and Grandma (Iris) Nicholas

My Uncles and Aunt Esther. Thomas Nicholas, Ronald C. Nicholas , Bill Nicholas Sr., Jim Nicholas, Leonard Nicholas, Esther Runyan , Robert Nicholas, Larry Nicholas, David Nicholas (Feb. 26, 2010)

Uncle Larry and Aunt Elinor - 2010

Cousin Vanessa (Larry & Elinor's daughter) and husband Dave

My Mom skydiving on her birthday!!

Cousins Bill (California) and Chuck (Florida). Feb. 2010

My Mom and nephew Cary at his high school graduation, June 2010

Nephews Cary (top) and Gavin - 2010

Brother Mark and Sister in Law Phyllis, Christmas 2010

Sister in Law Phyllis - 2010

Brother Mark and Nephew Gavin - VA, Feb. 2010

Uncle Ron (my father's brother)

Cousin Chuck (Aunt Esther's son) 2010 (Wekiva River)

Christmas 2011

Jay & Veldine Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Tiffany & Cary Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

My Mom (Barb) and her cousin in CA (Diane Stoutenburg)

My nephew Carrington Tyler and his new bride Tiffany 3-9-12

Carol, myself and my Dad at Cary & Tiffany's wedding 3-9-12

My Mom (Barb) and I at Cary & Tiffany's wedding 3-9-12

Great-Nephew "Tyler" 8-27-12

Great-Nephew "Tyler" 8-24-12

Cousin Pam - lives in California (Aug. 2012)

Nephew - AJ, Mom-Barb and Brother - Alan. Labor Day 2012

Thanksgiving Day (2012). 4 Generations (Len, Mark, Cary & baby Tyler)

Brothers - Mark & Alan (Thanksgiving Day, 2012)

Nephew Gavin (top)and Great-nephew Tyler (bottom) Dec. 14, 2012

Uncle Bill & Aunt Rosie (Jan. 2013)

Cousins Chuck & Kismet live in Mich.

Uncle Ron (Mich.) Jan. 2013

Family visited from out of state! Feb. 2013

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