Would love to hear from you!

Website Nov. 14, 2018

Maria Wadina


I wish you all good.

Aug. 13, 2015

Holly Kaufman

Becky I am so very very sorry to hear of Camden's passing. Kai is seeming to have some health issues so I started a hunt to find out how the bro's & sissy's were doing and thus came upon this info. Your most beautiful memory video of Camden reminds me
I must take more pictures now. My eyes are full.
Write if you'd like.
Hugs Holly & Bill

May. 1, 2014


This is Declan's long lost sister Elle (Darma's Elle of a Shot)! She lives very happily in North Carolina where she is spoiled rotten ...

Jan. 25, 2014

Hannah & Autty Autumn

Congrats on the Top Ten! :-D

Website Dec. 9, 2011

Kate McDermott

I really enjoyed reading through your website. It was like looking through the photo album of a family member. (Boy, I envy you those longevity genes :) ) You and your dogs have accomplished so much I am in awe of your abilities and achievements. Hard work does pay off. Well done.

Website Nov. 28, 2011

Laurie Dana

It was nice to meet "Torch" yesterday! I just watched his herding video and dang, although I filmed it, I guess I didn't realize how much he really got into it!!!!!!! He did great!

Nov. 7, 2011


Hey Becky,

Just want to let you know that 2 of your bulldogs students have earned Coursing Ability Test Title. Rocky is the first boy bulldog to have earned the CA Title and The Alien, E.T. is the second bulldog to have earned the CAA title.

Website Oct. 26, 2010

Sharon MacDermott

Hey Becky,
Hope you remember me?? I moved to SC 7 1/2 yrs ago and as you can see, am still actively in Goldens. I love your kids and your wonderful quotes on your home page. I so miss everyone in good ole FL and maybe someday will come back. My family has grown and my two 2 legged kids are now adults, married and have families of their own. I am now a gramma with 5 grands and one more on the way. So glad I was able to catch up with you. Keep up the GREAT work and all you do in the Golden community.

Sep. 14, 2010

Jim Watts

What a beauty Dreamer was. I lost my girl, Rachel's Mildred of Winsdor two weeks ago. She was a grand-daughter of Rachel's La Belle Et La Bete CD. She was born to Rachel's Kiss of the Blarney and Rachel's Tail of Two Cities on Feb 1,1999. She had some resemblance to Dreamer. She lived 11yrs and 7 months. Millie was an incredible dog and we miss her greatly.
I'm hoping to get another Golden from Linda.

May. 18, 2010


Your goldens are just precious.. beautiful! I ahve a 14 year old named: Dorian & a 2 year old named : Paderic. My old boy is getting up there now & is having failing health issues my husband & I have been looking for another golden breeder but, unfortunatly we have not had to good of luck. The breeder I got Paderic from has no pups available. I show Paderic in confirmation & we are hoping to finish up with the agility part to put him in that as well. Do you know of a good breeder? or even the one you got your lil' guys from if she has any pups??? I also noticed you do agility...we have completed agility at the place we were going & quite frankly I know we need more training. Do you have any classes open & what might you charge???
I know these are alot of questions all in one sitting but I appreciate all your advice & help.
Thanks again & I look forward to hearing from you.
Sherry Hoffmann

Website Apr. 21, 2010


Nice website! Tanya

Mar. 12, 2010



Feb. 28, 2010

Herman Green

Hello Becky,
You and I corresponded some time back. I had followed Dreamer's "career" for some time. I had owned Rachel's Lady of the Lake (Misty) and had lost her to a mass cell tumor. She was the "spitting" image of Dreamer. I had ask you about food because I was so concerned about losing Misty.
I now own Rachel's Katie Scarlet Ohara (Katie) (a great niece to Dreamer and Misty) and an 18 Month old Rachel's Oh So Solar Delight (Sunni).
I read of Dreamers passing in the Golden Retriever News yesterday and I simply sat down and cried! (a sentimental 72 year old man)
I wanted you to know how much of your pain I felt and also How much I miss Misty every single day. God gives us these wonderful little people and we need to thank him every day.
I am sure you will always remember Dreamer and the joy he gave to you.Please accept my candolences and my love. I hope our paths cross someday and we can say hello and shed a tear and exchange a smile for each of our wonderful friends who we loved so dearly.
Attached is my darling Katie receiving her CCA and her RN. She now is a Therapy dog with CGC and will try for her CD in May. She also wishes you well!
We sincerly wish you every sucess.
Herman Katie and Sunni (Green)

Feb. 2, 2010


Hi Beckey,

Just want to thank you for all the lesson you had given us and with all that practices had put us in the Bulldog Club Of America Hall Of Fame, Companeince Events Catagory oncount of our agility title.

My third bully and HOF, that I don't know. You saw that she lives up abit too much to her name, E.T.


Website Jan. 13, 2010


Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

Oct. 31, 2009

Mary Lou Priest

I was so sorry to read on the Golden list about your Dreamer. What a beautiful dog and what accomplishments! I'm amazed.

I also loved seeing that you also have a BC. We have a Golden girl, Joy, 10 months old, and a BC boy, Quin, 7 months old. I'm looking forward to doing agility with Quin and my husband is going to work with Joy in obedience and maybe some field work. We're in love with them both -- what a pair!

Website Sep. 5, 2009



Website Aug. 5, 2009

Brenda Higgins

Hi, Becky,

Thank you again for all the PT you did for Virgil. He's on all fours thanks to you!

Brenda Higgins
Virgil (Denzel The Bobcat AX AXJ OAP OJP)

Website May. 16, 2009



I have had a look at the nice photos. A very nice and informative homepage. A lot of fun with the other creation and lots of love from the Baltic Sea.

Holger from Wismar

Website Mar. 13, 2009

Pat Quinn

Hi from Northern Ireland, I have found your site just before bedtime and what I have seen so far is great. Although I don't work my dogs I have the greatest admiration for them that do.I have tracked with my GSD' many years ago and it led to a working club being formed by a few dedicated followers and is still going strong today. Will drop by again.

Jan. 7, 2009

Elizabeth Dott

Hi Becky, I just love your new web site. Awesome! I am thinking about creating one of my own and love some of your ideas. Anyway very cool! Elizabeth

Sep. 26, 2008

J in Palm Bay Florida

Hi Becky !
I just wanted to tell you that your website is the most extensive site I have ever come across about Golden's. The shows, the trials, and the love that is between you and your family. When I saw Dreamer I just knew I wanted a Dark Golden. And yesterday after months of searching we finally have a 9 week puppy. A beautiful little girl. I am trying to find clubs and help from area breeders. which has been a bit of a challenge. So I am totally grateful for all your information that your website contains.

Website Aug. 29, 2008


Hi Becky,
Great site! I love the videos. Thank you for visiting my site. Your dogs give mine a lot to strive for.
Greetings to your boys from the Triplecreek Gang!

Website Jun. 21, 2008


Hi! I like your website and the dogs.

May. 4, 2008

Marcia Caton

Hi Becky,
I have a young golden, Maisie, who loves to run, jump and go up and down ramps (we did a little bit of agility props during training at Best Paw Forward) I am interested to know how to get started training Maisie for agility. Are there any classes in the area?
Marcia Caton

Apr. 26, 2008


Hi Becky,
I was just surfing K9Data (you know how that goes!) and looked up my first dog/Golden "Cally". Turns out she is related to your "JJ"! Cally was a full sister to Johnson's Golden Dream, who's pedigree leads to "Moose", "JJ"'s sire!
I bought Cally in Colorado, BTW.

Mar. 29, 2008


nice web site. beautiful dogs. i myself own a female golden lab,she's a year and a half in age.

Website Mar. 29, 2008

Silvia Grimm

Hello from Germany,
we just visited your wonderful Website,
good luck,Silvia,Bernd and Standardpoodles.

Website Dec. 16, 2007

Allison Pobirs

What a kick! Hi Becky we have not met, though we share a common link in our friendship with Laurie Dana and her furry kids! I was just going through a stack of old Front & Finish magazines that had been gifted to me. Lo and Behold smack on the cover - there you are with Dreamer! 3-thousand miles away, and still such a small world! How wonderful to have had so many incredible experiences with your dogs!!!

Nov. 16, 2007

Susan Bassett

WooHoo! congratultions to Dreamer and Flame, and Camden, too!

Great news!
Best from the Northwest,
Susan Skye and Banner

Oct. 8, 2007


Hi Becky,
Nice Site! We'll have to come out this fall to a trial and visit all our agility friends. It's been too long! Heidi is almost 11 and doing well.

Website Aug. 30, 2007

Linda Sala

I am always looking at pet sites, since I have 2 dogs of my own, and I am a pet portrait artist. Also, My sister-n-law does agility with her dog, so I will pass along your site to her. I love your pictures and your dogs are beautiful.

Website Aug. 23, 2007

Linda Kotts

Thank you, Becky !

Website Aug. 7, 2007


Your dogs are beautiful, love the website! My mummy & daddy are currently helping me recover after a RTA. I am doing well, just started getting my legs back again,check out my website see how I'm doing, Love Lulu the dog

Jul. 28, 2007

Ellen Pavlik

The family album is great !!!

Jul. 23, 2007


I love all your family pictures!!!!

Website Jul. 20, 2007


Hey Becky, your site is wonderful! I especially love the field, hunting and retriving shots of Dreamer and Camden :)