Dreamer and I ventured into the AKC Rally ring -- it being a first for BOTH of us!   Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks???? 
Dreamer and I BOTH proved them wrong!!!

This is Dreamer's 3rd leg on earning his "RN" (Rally Novice) title.   
We're in the Novice B class at the K9 Obedience Club of Jacksonville on
10-13-07.    Dreamer earned a perfect score of 100 points on this run and a 3rd place
(behind his brother Camden's  2nd place - being beaten by only ONE SECOND!).

The next day we moved up to the Advanced "B" class and again he earned a perfect score of 100 points and a 3rd place in a much larger class!!  
Yipee for the 12 yr old!!