Tuesday 2-17-15

Our household has been turned upside down.  This morning Camden told me he was ready to move on.  My heart is broken into a million pieces, it was too soon and he was too young.

Here is a video I did of our last 9.5 yrs together.  Hope you can see the joy he brought into my life these past years and how full he lived his life!!

Camden memories

Camden and I (2-8-15)

There has been a new addition to our household.    Her name is "Zarina" and she is a DSH (Torti coloured) kitten.

She is full of herself!! Hopefully she will be a great companion for Jewelee during the many hours the boys and I are gone and she is alone in the house.

Here is a short video of her playing - which is non-stop :)

Zarina 8-5-14 (first day home)

Torch got to see the ocean for the first time!   Here is a view of his visit!

Torch Beach


Torch - Flagler beach 8-10-13

Very sad day at our house.  Lily has been fighting congenital heart failure now for 4 weeks.   The medications and treatments we were doing just were not working.

If a cat can't be running and jumping, then that just isn't quality of life.

I had to make the hard decision to let her go and stop her suffering.

We truly miss you, Queen of the house - you were too young!! 

It's just not the same without you controlling everyone around here!

Lily 4-18-13

Torch has been with us now for a full year!
Where did the time go??? 

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Torch 11-17-12

Your headline

The Gold Boys got to go to the beach!

This was their first time ever seeing
the ocean!

Beach time

Camden - Declan beac 9-27-12

Welcome home - Great Nephew
"Carrington Tyler Nicholas, Jr."!!

Born at 32 weeks and given less than
a 2% chance to survive - he really showed
them all!!!

Now 3.5 mths later he's home with
his Dad and Mom where he belongs!!

Welcome home Tyler!!

Ride home from the hospital 8-24-12

Share his last 3.5 months
with us!

Tyler - first few hours finally home from the hospital 3.5 mths later 8-24-12

Declan was the star in his first video! 

He did a tour of AVS

(Affiliated Veterinary Specialists) .

What a great job he did!!!


Declan on the front of the AVS Brochure - May, 2012

YEA it's official!

"Torch" is now registered with the AKC having been approved for a PAL number
(Purebred Alternate Listing).

He's formally known as:

"Jumpin' Jacks My Dream Shines on"

His certificate and photos used for his application.

Got some GREAT mail today (2-7-12).
Declan's OFA reports came and his rating are:
Hips-good, Elbows-normal, Patellas-normal
PennHip report: 90%
(Left 0.36/right 0.40)

Yeah baby dog!! 
Well OK he's still "my" baby dog!

Just found out something very cool!

The search n rescue dog, "Riley" who was at 911 and was in the famous picture of the golden hanging in the air in a basket.

He is my Dreamer's nephew!!

Amazing dogs came from those genes!

Here is a cool video I had never seen before!

Thanks to my wonderful neighbors, I found out that Camden was in the
"Sanford Herald" newspaper, page 1
 on Christmas Day 12-25-11!

Our household welcomed a new little boy into our lives this week 11-11-11

His new name is "Torch" and he's from Border Collie Rescue of TX.

You can read more about him on his own page.


First day in his new home. 11-13-11

The music video that "Mister DJ"
(Declan's sire)stars in for the
upcoming movie release of
"Our Idiot Brother" is now out!!

Declan's sire "Mister DJ" got to star in
an upcoming music video, created
in Nashville, TN

Click here to go to his website and view
pictures and info on it!

Declan is very proud!!!

Mister DJ
Camden is now the newest "Star" on the Sloppy Kiss Cards!

Here is an example of one of the cards.
Camden Card

What is Sloppy Kiss Cards?
Sloppy Kiss Cards is an animated ecard greeting service for pet lovers. Each ecard tells a story. You choose and name the dog, cat, horse, bird, fish or other pet that stars in your ecard. We offer over 150 pets to choose from when customizing your dog ecard, cat ecard or pet ecard.

Part of the "sorry you're having a bad day" card! :)

The boys and I wish you a

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(and his sisters Amelia and Journey -
who live in Canada)


View a one page Smilebox here!
We did our yearly "Wildflower Photo session".  However, due to the severe lack of rain this season, they were few and far between!

But we did the best we could with what we had!!

4-30-11 Flame (13), Camden ( almost 6) and Declan (16 mths)

Flame turns 13yrs old!!!

The boys and I were at a NADAC trial on Flame's birthday - so we
celebrated there!!


Flame - 4-23-11, 13th birthday!

Flame eating his birthday cupcake! 4-23-11 (13 yrs old!)

Declan got to meet his Sire, Mister DJ, when he and his owner came down, from TN, to attend a show.

CH Westin Having A Party UD SH OA OAJ WCX VCX BOSS OS )

It was great to meet him in person!


Declan - left and Mister DJ - right

WOW not only is Camden's photo on the dog biscuit label.  But he's also on a wine label.  This is a gift ad in Dog Fancy's holiday issue.

The wine is sold by "A Dog's Life"!!

"Elle" and "Declan" (full littermates) 9 months old 10-16-10


The dog biscuits made by "A Dog's Life" that has Camden on the label is now out on the shelves!!

We are very happy to announce that Camden was one of the May winners
(6 total)in the
"A Dog's Life" photo contest!!!

He will be on their "Apple Pie biscuits" label come August.

Also I was SO excited to see that on their website, he is the heading on their "our story" page!!!



Camden, Amelia and Journey


Camden's 5th birthday collage 5-22-10



Click on the link below to see pictures


Declan - 18.5 weeks old 5-15-10

We had a very busy Saturday! (4-10-10)

First a photo shoot in some wildflowers, then headed off to meet some friends (and other puppies) for some swimming in a pond and retrieving! 

THEN we headed to Kathy's for some pool time and rough housing, playing, dinner and a movie!

LONG, but great day spent with friends!!

Take a look at Declan's part of the day!


Declan - 13 weeks old.

Brogan's first litter have all gone to their new homes(April 4th, 2010)! 
One of them came home to live with Brogan's owner (and best friend) Kathy, here in Florida.

Here are the boys up in Minnesota right before going to their homes.

Kathy's newest boy "Dublin" on the far left. April 3rd, 2010

Camden's Nephews and Nieces had their
1st Birthday (April 10th, 2010)


Take a look here at the smilebox
created by their breeder
(Maralyn Redford - Myriosa Goldens)


Cyan - Camden's nephew - 1st birthday. Looks a little like his Uncle don't cha think? :)))

Declan has his first swimming lesson!  It was his 10 week birthday.  We had a nice warm afternoon finally and headed to Kathy's house!

Click here to see his fun afternoon!!

Declan 10 weeks old (photo by Kathy Flaherty)

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