Below are some unique photos I've taken myself and not necessarily
even "dog" related
(can you believe it??!!)

Cool pond reflection while out field training Oct. 2010

You just never know what you'll run across when out tracking! :) 4-28-10


Butterfly that landing on a jump stanchion in the middle
of a lesson! :)) 7-10-09

Just thought this was the cutest little flower at my training field - probably a weed - but it was CUTE! :)

A local hunt club members ranch - where we train and hold UKC/AKC hunt tests.

Night Sky 5-28-09

Night Sky 5-28-09

Cool old barn we went past when out tracking :))

I found this bug fascinating (and I'm NOT a bug person <G>) -- what it is?? I have NO idea. He was rather large, but totally non-aggressive. If he felt your presence he'd shift around to the other side of the pole. He would make himself larger - antlers up and kinda a jagged "crown" on this head etc...

Another side view - He would also move laterally away from you as you got closer......he/she whatever :)) was quite prehistoric looking!

Out tracking and we have visitors!! Sand cranes decided to visit us :))

One early morning heading out to go tracking. Crossing the St. Johns River bridge -- too pretty to pass up!

Early into the evening of a NADAC night trial in Ocala - this "song bird" was just singing his little heart out right above my van.

Butterfly in my backyard that was patient enough to let me take his photo! :))

7:00 a.m. arriving at an agility trial in Ocala.

Early evening end of a field training session in Montverde as the sun was setting.

It would appear I have this thing for taking sky pictures of the sun rising and setting!! <G>

The end of a very long agility trial day in Palmetto, FL.

While on vacation on Captiva Island (FL) my friends (and the dogs of course) were down on the beach and a storm starting coming in.   We stayed ahead of it the whole time but it was cool to watch :)))  

Initially it was nice and there were a pair of dolphins that were swimming around, they jumped once but I didn't have my camera ready quick enough to get anything but fins! :(


Storm coming in................

Then this started to shine through the raindrops!!! :))

And as quickly as it came in was as quickly as it changed to this :)))). See the boat out on the horizon also?