Happy Easter!!! 


Camden - one month shy of 6 yrs old April, 2011

Flame LOVES his retrieving!!  Here he is showing his style....enjoy!!!

Flame retrieving

Flame - 3 weeks shy of 13 yrs old. March, 2011

Fun times in the field and play time afterwards!!   2-12-11

Field - Play time

Declan and Ellie 2-12-11

Declan turns 1 year old!!!!!

Take a look at his life so far.....

Declan's first year
The "Hooligans" are at it again.....

Declan and Dublin 9-11-10



Declan (L) 8 months and Dublin (R) 7 months 9-11-10

Good friend Jodie's golden girl "Desi" turned 11yrs old.
So we had a pool party for her!!

Click here to see the fun!

Desi's Birthday Party

Left to Right
Camden, Trevor, Flame, Desi, Quinlan, Dublin, Brogan and Declan

The "Hooligans" had a FIRST day (grooming/stacking/gaiting)

Declan - 23.5 weeks and Dublin - 18.5 weeks old.

Take a look and see how it  went!

The boys have some summer fun!!
Click the link to see how much!

Camden (5 yrs) Flame (12 yrs) and Declan (5.5 mths) 6-12-10

Declan had his first swimming lesson at Kathy's house in her pool! 
(10 weeks old)  3-20-10

Click the link below to see his fun afternoon


Declan 10 weeks old (photo by Kathy Flaherty)