My name is Becky and I have
been showing and training dogs since 1990. 

I train in all sorts of dog sports, with my primary being agility - where we've earned 26+ Agility Champion titles from 4 different agility organizations.

We have qualified for, and participated in AKC, USDAA and NADAC Championships. We've also been successful in winning our division at two different NADAC Championships!

Not to be single minded, my dogs also have titles in Obedience, Rally, Field, Herding, and hopefully soon, tracking. Cool

I currently own 3 dogs; 2 Golden Retrievers and 1 Border Collie.  Also added into the mix is 2 cats

I worked in the pet retail business for 10 years before starting work in my present position at  Affiliated Veterinary Specialists  where I've been for 21 years.

So, between working full time and training the dogs, "we" stay quite busy in this house. And if you don't find me at work or training, I'm getting ready and heading off to trials. Wow

I hope you enjoy reading about all of the dogs as much as I enjoy bragging on them.

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love to hear from you!!!



Contact me at: Becky Nicholas