A sample of an agility course


I began training and competing in the the sport of dog agility in 1990 with

my first competition dog "Ashley", who was in need of a job and

this was a great way to give her one! Wild

I was privaleged to earn her first agility title "AD" in USDAA

(United States Dog Agility Association) quite quickly.

In doing so, we were the first dog in the state of FLORIDA to earn an agility title! Cool

At that same trial we qualified for the USDAA Grand Prix Championship

and a few months later headed to Houston, TX to show.

I'm so very proud of how well she did!!  I was definitely the weakest link at that

point in our showing!  She LOVED the game!!


Agility is a team sport that you and your dog can do together.

This is a very athletic sport requiring your dog be not
only fit (ie: good weight) but also structurally sound.

It consists of an obstacle course that you direct your dog through. 

Beforehand, a  judge will set the course with a specific route.  
You will get to see it before running, but your dog will not! <G>

You are given a set amount of time in which to do it and faults can be incurred by not doing the obstacles or course correctly.

Both purebred and mixed breed dogs can compete (see organizations below).

Above you will see a "sample" of a course and the obstacles.

Different Agility Organizations

American Kennel Club - http://www.akc.org/

North American Dog Agility Council - http://www.nadac.com/

United States Dog Agility Association - http://www.usdaa.com/

Canine Performance Events, Inc - http://www.k9cpe.com/index.htm