Jewelee 8-28-09
picture by Kathy Flaherty

Jewelee is a 14 month old Exotic Shorthair.
(born 7-22-08)

Jewelee has been residing at my friend's Veterinary Clinic for the last 3 weeks and needed a home.

She contacted me to see if I was interested.  I told her, it will all depend on how "Queen Lily" accepts another cat in the house.

So far we're doing OK.....Lily is just ignoring her, which is a good thing!  Camden has taken the role of the "protective big brother" and is usually wherever she is!

The feeling is she has probably spent the last 14 months confined, likely to a crate, so having the freedom of the whole house will be quite new to her! 

Wish us luck!!!!


photo by Kathy Flaherty 8-28-09

picture by Kathy Flaherty