The boys and I  headed to Tennessee for the NADAC Championships Sept. 23rd - 27th, 09

It was a long, tiring 5 days but a great time was had by all!!!

Both boys did very well!  

Flame was running in the "DD" division
(Veterans Double Digit - dogs over 10 yrs old - there were
37 DD dogs entered this year of all jump
heights - go "old" dogs!!)

as he is 11.5 yrs old now.

Camden was running in the Open level
(baby dog division - however, the regular courses he ran was the exact same Elite course that Flame ran - he was just allotted Open SCT's.)

 Our results are below - GOOD BOYS!!!

Flame - Elite Veteran (DD)
Regular:  Q'd 4 of 5 runs
3-1st places
2-2nd places
Overall:  1st place Lg Dog Division DD Veterans
TnG:  Q'd 2 of 2 runs
Tunnelers: Q'd 1 of 2 runs
Team - "Ewe Can't Box Us In"  (Veteran team)
Ileana Nadal - Tia (Boxer) and
Laurie Fischer - Dee Dee (PWC)
Round 1 - 2nd place
Round 2 - 1st place
Overall ---- 1st place Veteran Team
Camden - Open
Regular: Q'd 2 out of 5 runs
Placements: 2- 2nd placements, 2 - 5th placements and 1 - 8th placement
Team - "Georgia Non-Border Patrol"
(Camden filled in for missing member)  (Pre-Elite Team)
Round 1 - 2nd place
Round 2 - 3rd place
Overall ---- 3rd place Pre-Elite Team

If you'd like to watch our entire TN adventure I've created a smilebox sharing our travels........ENJOY!!!

The arena in Shelbyville, TN (Calsonic Arena)

The Florida Exhibitors that made the trip to TN. (L to R)
Ileana Nadal, Maren Jensen, June Cole, Laurie Fischer, Nancy Ulrich, Phil Ulrich, me, Andrea Baldwin (and Lorraine Rumsey not pictured)

Another section of our decorated Florida crating area

Our Veteran Team shirt. Designed by Ileana Nadal.
Members: Ileana Nadal and "Tia" (Boxer), Laurie Fischer and Dee Dee (PWC) and Me with Flame (BC)
WE WON 1st place in the Veteran Team Division!!!

Back at the hotel Sunday night - Camden and Flame's "winnings"!! :))

Feel free to look at a few videos on the next pages.